Friday, 11 March 2011

The Final poster design

This is my final poster design, I chose this because I love the layout of the text, I also like the idea of the paper model subconsciously carrying on portraying that even though the paper company has had 100 years, it will still carry on for many more.

More poster design for task 2

I am aware I have missed july out of the date, howeverthese posters are just rough ideas of what i want my final to look like. I will probably either choose this poster layout or the last one just simply because of the angle of the photo. Especially in this poster the model seem to be a endless chain that even when cant be seen carries on, this could possibly link to 100 years.
This is my least favourite poster out of the four, which is strange because the photograph I had taken was my favourite however it doesn't really translate well into a poster
This is another of my favourites, I like it for all the reasons of the first except it's just a closer shot.